Minister of tourism

Dear visitors and readers,

We use to call Tel Aviv “the none-stop city”. During the recent years the city of Tel Aviv has become one of the most popular sites for tourists around the world. Many would say that Tel Aviv is Israel’s most vibrant city. It is the center of business, culture, arts, hi-tech and start-ups, daytime attractions and night life. We take great pride of the city’s architecture. In 2003, UNESCO designated Tel Aviv as a World Heritage Site, and referred to it as “an outstanding example of new town planning and architecture in the early 20th century”. Just one step away from Tel Aviv you could visit some of the world’s most attractive and known cites: Jerusalem, Israel’s Capital city, one of the most sacred places for the 3 monotheist religions; the Dead Sea- the lowest spot on earth, referred to as one of the world’s wonders; the Sea of Galilee, on which water Jesus Christ is believed to have walked; Eilat, Israel’s southern tip of the country packed with a wide variety of attractions on the banks of the Red Sea; and numerous other tourist attractions, archeological sites, sacred places, and parks. I am certain that each one of you will find the city both interesting and inspiring in your own way. The ministry of Tourism is at your service at any time and for any matter, and will be more than happy to provide you with any information needed in order to make your stay agreeable. I wish you a most pleasant vacation and, just as important, hope to have you here in the future.

Dr. Uzi Landau
Minister of Tourism