HaPina Shel MIchal – B&B Hotel Mzkeret Batia

חזית המלון הפינה של מיכל צילום ערן לוי 2

On the main street of the picturesque village of  mazkeret batya, in a 120 year old preserved there is a magical place with 10 rooms and dining room where a delicious israeli breakfast is served.

The rooms are designed in the European country style, pleasant and quiet. The rooms are kept with high level of maintenance and esthetics.

All rooms have a television, telephone and an internet connection to accommodate our guests. Near the hotel there is a laudry place, mini market, pizzeria, a sushi place, resturants and a café.

The atmosphere of the hotel and thev area resemble little old town in Europe. Our guests enjoy a pampering personal attention  and caring from our staff and we are doing our best to give them a pleasant feeling that will make them want to return in the future.



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