Pediatric Medical healthcare Center for tourists children

Pediatric Medical healthcare Center for tourists children

Pediatric Medical healthcare Center for tourists children

The Medical Center is located in Holon, a few minutes from Tel- Aviv. The center provides high quality medical services to Israeli Citizens, tourists and foreign citizens for children.

 The center includes advanced and up to date medical equipment.

The services are provided by a team of well experienced Pediatrics specialists.

•​Dr Shira Harpaz- Galili Pediatrician

•​Dr lev lapidus a pediatric orthopedist

•​Professor Ziselson  Alexander pediatrics And Allergologist (adult & child)

The treatment and support provided by the center leaves patients feeling accompanied and satisfied. Our experience and professional doctors allow us to provide the suitable care for children in need of medical assistance at any given notice.

We provide medical checkup and treatment advise for routine illness  

Another service we provide is treatment of minor fractures, so there is no need for casting at a hospital because we make and provide the cast in the center.

At the Holon Medical Center we have a permanent medical staff, consisting of skilled doctors who are the best in their field. The courteous service-oriented staff is committed to provide all patients with proper care and medical solutions that will bring about the best results.

Our doctors speak English, Russian and Hebrew, and hold all of the required licenses and permits.

Our office staff members welcome all visitors and will respond to any question or concern upon request. 

The Holon Medical Center features and advantages:

•​High standard Pediatrics medicine

•​Professional specialists in a variety of fields in Pediatrics

•​Support and accompaniment throughout the process

•​Treatment of minor fractures and casting

Tel-972523339098 Eyal

Address –Bet-Lehem 20 Holon

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