Tel Aviv Beaches

Tel Aviv Beaches

The beaches that run along the Tel-Aviv shore line from north to south are inarguably the most beautiful areas of the city. The beaches of Tel-Aviv provide visitors with hot sands and lapping waters to help them to relax and cool down in the hot Israeli summer.

Each section of the beach has its own name and unique atmosphere depending on what you are looking for. Let’s start north on Herbert Samuel on the “Tayellet”. We first arrive at Gordon beach boasting Israeli dancing, the ubiquitous “matkot” (bat and ball) and some nice restaurants and cafes.

Then we get to Frishman Beach, which is a popular hang-out for young people where you can chill out with some music and the young-beach atmosphere – along with a drink or snack from the good quality restaurant situated there. Then we get to Jerusalem and Geula beaches, which are a favorite for young kids and families. If you want to be”cool” then we can stop at Metizizim Beach (literally “peeping” beach!)

There is also the beach in front of the Hilton Hotel, which are a narrow, concrete lined beach and a favorite for dogs and their owners and surfers (a strange but surprisingly compatible combination!) If you venture further north you will arrive at Tel-Aviv port which offers you dining on the beach but not much bathing, then further still, you will arrive at Tel-Baruch beach (a personal favorite of mine!)

It’s a good choice if you are looking for a quieter, more family-orientated beach, especially on Saturdays as it has been protected from development due to the proximity of the airfield.