Shenkin Street

Shenkin Street which begins at the triangle junction of Allenby and King George Streets.  Shenkin is home to Tel Aviv’s bohemia and has a vibe all its own.

The street is lined with boutiques featuring some of the country’s most talented and eclectic designers as well as global brand-name fashion houses. Israeli women shop here for the wide and unique range of shoes and accessories. Shenkin is also known for its vast array of dining venues and cafes.

Take a much needed shopping break at some of the hippest and most diverse restaurants and coffee shops in Tel Aviv. You sit here to see….and be seen! A visitor to Shenkin will be treated to a glimpse of every kind of Israeli that exists: young, old, religious, secular, punks, gay couples, Arabs, Jews, and many, many more.


Lets join together!

Shenkin Street tel aviv