Sarona Market

Sarona Market in Tel Aviv

Sarona urban market in Tel AvivSarona Market is the culinary heart of Tel-Aviv. Spanning over 90,000 square feet and housing over 90 restaurants and food boutique stores, it is the only roofed market in Israel. Its design and construction have been inspired by the world’s leading markets, such as London’s Borough Market, New-York’s Chelsea Market, Barcelona’s La Boqueria, and Eataly markets.


Sarona Market  - A Little History, Ladies and Gentlemen

Situated in the heart of Tel-Aviv, in close proximity to Azrieli Center and the train station, Sarona Market was built on the remains of a Templar settlement dating back to 1871. This settlement was founded by Christian pilgrims from Germany and was known as Sarona.
Their settlement thrived on agriculture and micro-industry. Over the years, the original settlers have left Sarona, yet most of the buildings, 36 of them to be precise, have been conserved and remain in use to this day, lending the market an air of history and romance.

What to See in Sarona Market , What to Do

As mentioned, Sarona is a roofed food market which houses over 90 restaurants and boutique stores. Offering such a variety of cuisines and tastes, Sarona market caters for every need. Every trip to Sarona market is a magical experience, which can easily start with a small picnic in the grass, go on to visiting any number of specialty stores, tasting over 40 labels of boutique wine, and finishing with exciting deserts.
The market also has stores that offer gourmet foods and ingredients imported from all over the world. On top of that, Sarona market offers events, such as their exciting ‘Night Market’ which takes place every Tuesday and Thursday, ‘Passione Italiana’, holidays activities, and the like.

Whenever you visit Tel-Aviv be sure to go to Sarona market, enjoy the excellent food, bask in the unique atmosphere, and experience one of Israel’s finest attractions.