Rothschild Boulevard


Americans have Fifth Avenue, the French have the Champs Elysees, and Israelis have Rothschild Boulevard.

Everything began in the 20’s when Tel Aviv started to expand towards Rothschild Boulevard with construction in the Eastern European style. In the 30’s even bigger change ensued when the Bauhaus style of architecture became popular and was widely used in the houses that border this luxurious boulevard. The distinctive European charm of Rothschild leaves its visitors with a thirst for more.

There are a number of important landmarks to be seen here and many of them are located near the Founder’s Monument next to 8 Rothschild. This is also the location of the first well of the city of Tel Aviv. Just a short walk away at 16 Rothschild stands a house that was built in 1910 and was the home of Ziona and Meir Dizengoff. Visit today and witness a full re-enactment of the declaration read in the voice of then- Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion.  Aside from its historical significance, the real jam is the Rothschild Boulevard promenade, which is a vivid and vibrant place where one may enjoy sitting areas and playgrounds.

In the summer, visitors are treated to a variety of artistic exhibitions and musical events along this wide pedestrian path. The real charms of this street, however, are the many Bauhaus buildings that line the boulevard. In Rothschild Boulevard you’ll also find a myriad of restaurants and coffee houses that offer a culinary experience you should not miss.


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Rothschild Boulevard