Port Said Restaurant

Port Said Restaurant in Tel Aviv

Port Said in Tel AvivEyal Shani is a household name in Israel. There is almost no one who is not familiar with this colorful, leading Chef. Renowned for his rich language and figurative, whimsical, almost romantic descriptions, Chef Shani imbues Port Said restaurant with his unique character that without doubt, lends a magical air to the place.

Port Said Restaurant - Atmosphere & Design

The restaurant offers an indoors sitting area as well as a comfortable exterior sitting area. The décor, the air you breath, the scents, and the chitter chatter of satisfied customers make for a fascinating, dream like atmosphere.The restaurant features a fully stocked bar which has vegetables and pieces of bread strategically placed on it, to create a creative and unique look.

Opposite the bar, you have no chance of missing the wall of vinyl records. Beautifully set between onions and tomatoes, there are rows upon rows of nostalgic vinyl records which are bound to get a smile on your face.
The menu is not what you’re used to, with interesting section descriptions and far more interesting names for the restaurant’s excellent dishes.

Port Said Food & Bar

The restaurant offers a selection of starters, main dishes, side dishes, and deserts, all unlike anything else you’ve ever seen before. Generally speaking, every dish made by Chef Eyal Shani is nothing like any other dish you’ve ever tasted. This remains to be the case in Port Said.
The restaurant offers creative dishes for the wide public and for affordable prices. This, however, does not mean that served dishes are anything other than excellent. Using only fresh and high quality ingredients, the restaurant manages to meet expectations and even surprise diners.


As mentioned, Port Said restaurant accommodates all guests and all budgets. Prices are absolutely reasonable, particularly for a Chef restaurant.

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