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Everyone who’s anyone has visited Messa restaurant in Tel-Aviv at least once. Finding someplace to eat in Tel-Aviv is not a difficult thing to accomplish as practically every corner sports some sort of restaurant or coffee shop. Finding some place to eat in Tel-Aviv that’s in the same league as the world’s finest and leading Chef restaurants is a bit more challenging and would require some more effort on your behalf. That is, until you get to Messa restaurant in Tel-Aviv, one of the best haute cuisine restaurants Israel has to offer.

Messa’s Atmosphere & Design

Messa restaurant has went through a lengthy, comprehensive, two year renovation process which resulted in one of the most unique restaurants in bustling Tel-Aviv. The restaurant is comprised of a single dining area complemented by an undeniably appealing design that one must see with one’s own eyes to fully appreciate.Those who’ve visited the restaurant and who’ve dined to their hearts’ content would undoubtedly agree with Chef Moshe Aviv’s description of the restaurant and its dishes, as thrilling, far from simple, and reminiscent of mother’s kitchen

Messa Restaurant – Food & Bar

Each and every dish served in the restaurant predominantly relies on local, fresh, and top quality ingredients. These superb ingredients are the secret for the restaurant’s unique, heart lifting tastes. Furthermore, each dish features an intriguing interplay between textures which results in culinary delight. The restaurant has a fully stocked bar, offering bar nibbles along with nothing but the best alcoholic beverages. Be it a beer, wine, a cocktail, or any other drink of your choosing, the bar caters for every need

The Prices

Prices are as you would expect of a Chef restaurant in a Tel Aviv. However, the fresh ingredients, the unique tastes, and the charming atmosphere make it go down smoothly



MESSA -  Ha’Arba st. 19 Tel-Aviv

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19 Ha’arba tel aviv