Main Bazar

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main Baz

Main Bazar – Flea market 

A flea-market favorite for Jaffa locals, Main Bazar is a relaxed neighborhood pub, perfect for dinner and drinks with friends. This aesthetic spot sits on a heavily-graffitied alleyway, giving a unique look to this bar. Main Bazar offers a delicious menu, and hosting every week lecturers, musicians and live DJs.

An important aspect of Mein Bazaar is the artistic atmosphere surrounding the place. The exterior walls and shop doors surrounding the place are covered with professional graffiti by the artist Max Rinka.

In the inner alley , in front of the bar you can find Main Bazar Gallery , which will feature art and design exhibitions by young artists, industrial designers, jewelry designers, street pai

nters and illustrators. 

Oley Zion 7 , Jaffa