Little Italy – Italian Food District In Tel Aviv

Little Italy - Itallian Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Best Italian food in Tel AvivLittle Italy is the only Italian culinary and cultural district in Israel and is located in the Sarona colony, Little Italy is comprised of four separate restaurants and culinary experiences along with Italian market and cultural elements. So if you want to take a short break in Italy, you can do it right here in Little Italy, Tel Aviv.

Italian Picnic Area at The Center Of Tel Aviv

Picnic’s food market offers a variety of gourmet Italian food stalls offering you pizzas, pastas, baked goods, ice creams, sandwiches and wines along with unique products that are popular in the culinary world that we have chosen to bring you straight from Italy. Picnic lets you take a real break in the middle of the day. Picnic baskets, blankets, and everything else you need .

Trattoria  - Italian kitchen

An Italian kitchen inspired from southern Italy, with a touch of the Mediterranean. The main dishes at Trattoria are fish, seafood, and home-made pasta, while the menu offers medium sized, hot and cold dishes alongside large collection of fine wines.

Itallian Food In Tel AvivVineria – Wine Shop and Bar

A wine shop and bar serving a menu made up mainly of Cicchetti, an Italian tapas originating in Venice, along with a number of additional hot and cold dishes. Vineria operates as a wine shop, so the wine bought in the store can be taken home or enjoyed at the bar. If you want to have a romantic evening with your favorite wine, or surprise your palette with Italian tapas, then Vineria is the place for you.

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