Old Jaffa

נמל יפו

Old Jaffa is one of the most attractive places to tour in Tel Aviv-Jaffa. This fisherman’s port served as the main entry point to the ancient land of Israel and has retained its charm with beautiful stone buildings, narrow winding alleys, an artist’s quarter, cafes, restaurants, and shops. You can almost smell the exotic fragrances and Middle Eastern aromas of long ago.

The recommended route to Jaffa is via the Tel Aviv Promenade which begins in North Tel Aviv and follows the line of the Mediterranean all the way to the Jaffa Port. Along the way you’ll pass the skyscrapers of South Tel Aviv on your left. Like using a magic wand, you’ll move from modern Israel to the land of bygone times.

In the center of Jaffa is the Clock Square, where the clock tower stands. Built by the Turkish Sultan Abed-el -Hamid in 1906, this is the traditional starting point for tours in Jaffa. East of the clock tower is the famed Jaffa flea market. Not only can you find a myriad of treasures- both old and new, you’ll also find historic buildings of archeological significance, many of which are currently being renovated and rejuvenated.

Westward is Old Jaffa herself. Situated on a high hill that overlooks the sea and South Tel Aviv, this is a beautiful, breathtaking view. A film depicting the history of Jaffa is available for viewing at the visitor’s center located in the heart of Old Jaffa at Kikar Kedumim.

The alleys are named after the signs of the Zodiac in Hebrew and here you will find artist galleries, Judaica shops, fine jewelry, and other creations from some of Israel’s top artists. Make sure to visit some of the many ancient churches in Jaffa, which are among the most beautiful in Israel. They actively serve the city’s Christian community and open their doors for both visitors and the faithful.

Enhance your experience with a good meal or a drink at one of the many kiosks, cafes, and restaurants. On festive days and the Sabbath, Old Jaffa bustles with street artists, tourists, and other visitors. One of the most interesting sites is the Ilana Goor Museum, which is actually the home of Ilana Goor. It was formerly a Khan (hotel for visitors) and has been beautifully renovated by the artist boasting an outstanding view of
the entire area.

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old jaffa