Historic Train Station – HaTahana


After being closed and hidden from the public eye for many years, the historic train station complex located between the Neveh Zedek neighborhood and the Mediterranean Sea has been re-opened to the general public.

The site, referred to simply as “HaTachana” (“The Station”) was the nerve center and bustling main junction for commerce in the Land of Israel.

Much thought was given to the complex’s mix of businesses, as planners strived to create a place that combines history, culture and commerce – a “cultural compass” where every visitor can find his or her niche. They viewd the site as an important milestone in the city’s history and worked to make it one of the city’s most charming spots.

The complex is hosting international exhibitions, festivals, colorful markets and design events. Tours will leave from the complex to the White City section of Tel Aviv and to Old Jaffa.

Here you can find businesses and brands that have spots in the complex are Ahava, which is opening a spa and concept store, Razili designer clothing, Michal Nagrin jewelry, a tapas bar and a Tzomet Sefarim book store combined with a branch of Greg’s Coffee, based on a concept inspired by New York based Barnes & Noble.

Also you can enjoy from Quliti bars and restaurants like Regina and Viki Cristina.

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Ha Tachana