FASHION-BAR, a new, vivacious club in Tel-Aviv, is located where fabulous Allenby and

Yehuda Ha’levi Streets cross one another, in the city center. This venue, which runs as a

mega-central bar is operated by public-relations people who open it on the week-ends, and

also organize some celebrity parties during the week.

Fashion-Bar has a one year seniority and combines mainstream music with a large variety

of worldwide hits into its repertoire. In line with its location, Tel-Aviv’s dominant nightlife

area, the Fashion-Bar offers an exciting, polished, and innovative experience- ranked on an

international level.

The bar suits every kind of celebration, including private or business events and parties.

Fashion-Bar contains 700 square feet of meticulous and luxurious high- standard design, an

immense standing bar, a welcoming dance-floor, designated seating areas, and more. In line

with their desire to excel, renew, and excite patrons, an excellent sound system, lighting

and projecting aids, and the finest LED screens make it possible for this one-of-a- kind bar to

easily switch the event “personality” in only one click.

46 Yehuda-Ha Levi St.| 052-5447070

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