Dizengoff Center Mall

Dizengoff Center

The biggest Biggest Mall in Tel AvivThere is not a soul in Israel that doesn’t know Dizengoff Center Mall. Being in the heart of Tel-Aviv’s most frequented shopping area, Dizengoff Center Mall is by far the largest shopping mall in Israel and accommodates up to 1 million visitors each and every month.
The mall is named after Tel-Aviv’s first mayor, Mr. Meir Dizengoff, and has first opened its gates to the public in 1977. The mall is animal friendly and dogs are more than welcome to visit its shops along with their owners.

Dizengoff Center Mall - Uniquely Designed

Dizengoff Center Mall is one of the most uniquely designed urban structures in Israel. Its uneven avenues seem to defy logic and it is extremely easy to get lost within the mall. In order for things not to get frustrating the mall’s administration has developed its own navigation app, known as EasyDizi. It has even been said that shop owners in Dizengoff Center Mall are ordinary people who simply couldn’t find their way out and decided to set up shop to make a living.

Anything & Everything

Being the largest mall in Israel, Dizengoff Center Mall offers anything you might need, want, or be interested in. Fashion stores and outlets, computer and technology stores, music stores, health, pharma, and so on and so forth are just part of the stores you’ll find within the mall. To accommodate other tastes, it offers a movie theatre, book stores, kids’ playing areas, gyms, and even a 24 hour open indoors pool.
Alongside ordinary shops the mall houses boutique shops, such as a comic book store and a tattoo parlor, among others.

Don’t Miss out on Dizengoff Center Mall!

When in Israel you simply can’t miss out on the experience of strolling through Dizengoff Center Mall, just don’t forget to bring a map with you…