The Best Falafel Restaurants in Tel Aviv


Falafel is Israel’s national food. Falafel is a chickpea based fried delicacy which is typically served inside pitta bread with hummus and a range of salads (you get to choose). It is cheap, fast, and simple, whilst at the same time being incredibly tasty.
Go Tel Aviv taste a lot of Falafel this month and find for you the best Falafel in the city!


Falafel Benin Johnny

This small falafel venture on Tchernichovsky Street, has been preparing portions for the public for almost 54 years. To start, you’ll be asked if you want potato and, as soon as you reply, the pita will be thrown towards the back window. There your pita will be filled with potato and falafel, and comes straight back for salads. The falafel balls are tender inside and the sesame coating adds a rigid texture.
Falafel Benin Johnny, 2 Tchernichovsky St, Tel Aviv


Falafel Hakossem

Serving the fluffiest of delicately spiced falafels, HaKosem imports its chickpeas from Spain and grounds them fifteen times a day right in front of your very eyes. Every falafel ball comprises hummus grains, fresh garlic, parsley, coriander, cumin, fennel and sesame. While you’re (anxiously) waiting in line, you are served with a few falafel balls just to curve your cravings. HaKosem, in Hebrew, means The Magician – now you know why…
Falafel Hakossem, 1 Shlomo Hamelech St, Tel Aviv


Falafel Shlomo & Sons

A kiosk that makes fresh falafel. This impressive business has thrived for 45 years. The Kiosk of Falafel Shlomo & Sons situated on the corner of Nordau Street and Ben-Yehuda, waits for the people that coming back from the beach, or others who have finished their Shopping on Dizengoff Street. It is a no frills, simple street shop selling one of the most popular tastes of Israel.
Falafel Shlomo & Sons, corner of Nordau and Ben Yehuda St, Tel Aviv


Falafel Gina

Falafel Gina has been supplying falafel to the residents of Tel Aviv for years. At the beginning the branch was in southern Tel Aviv. But then other branches have been founded that of course kept the quality of the original branch. Some say it is the soft and fluffy pita bread, others will say that it is the way each ball is perfectly crisp on the outside, warm and yielding on the inside.
Falafel Gina, 3 King George St, Tel Aviv


Frishman Falafel

Frishman Falafel is a tiny, authentic falafel located on the corner of Dizengoff and Frishman. The delicious tastes of the fried potato roll which they add to the falafel which will seduce you to come again soon.
Frishman falafel, 44 Frishman St, Tel Aviv


Falafel Gabriel

A generous serving of falafel balls inside pita is no small matter. In addition, the fresh and golden falafel is fried to order, highly spiced, rich in coriander and garlic, soft and crispy, so that even the balls on the bottom of the pita remain crunchy. You can add hummus, cabbage, regular salad and spicy salad and parsley – as the balls that are so green, with lots of coriander, wait bubbling in the pita. While you there try the other dishes that Gabi serve – you will fall in love.
Falafel Gabriel 42 Montifyori St, Tel-Aviv.